Trump Doesn’t Care Squat About ‘The Squad’ He Doesn’t Want To Talk About Epstein


While Al Green calls for impeachment and Justin Trudeau intones how Canada welcomes it’s immigrants, because diversity makes a nation stronger, Donald Trump has accomplished his mission. He didn’t want the news cycle to be about Jeffrey Epstein and so he went on the attack on Twitter and brought the House down, literally, with Kevin McCarthy screaming about decorum while Doug Collins incited a parliamentary debate about whether Nancy Pelosi could call Trump a racist on the record. Trump doesn’t care if he looked even worse than usual to some people this week and he certainly couldn’t care less about a congressional resolution — this is all reality teevee to him. Washington Post:

Stage left: Commentator opines that Trump is trying to lather up his perpetually lathered base ahead of the 2020 election. Stage right: Consultant avers that Trump is trying to make the four women the faces of the Democratic Party.

That certainly seems to be what Trump is doing, but The Donald doesn’t care diddly-squat about the Squad, even if, as a bonus, it has siphoned the juice from his Democratic challengers. The president’s modus operandi is as obvious as O’Rourke’s desperation: create chaos, distract the masses, look mad, take care of business.

As always, one must ask, what is the Something Else he doesn’t want us to see? Based on timing, my best guess is Jeffrey Epstein: financier, sex offender, globe-trotting gallivant and alleged sex trafficker of teenage girls.

Monday was a big day for both men. While Trump was doubling down on his controversial tweets, Epstein was attending his bail hearing. At the hearing, prosecutors revealed that the contents of a locked safe in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion allegedly included diamonds, cash — and a bogus and outdated passport with Epstein’s photograph, a different name and an address in Saudi Arabia.

Bear in mind, Alex Acosta says he was told Epstein was “above his pay grade” and belonged to intelligence, hence the slap on the wrist plea deal. Plus Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell’s father worked for the KGB and who knows how and where Trump is implicated? He and Epstein were fast friends at one time. Here’s the video of the Trump/Epstein bromance in full flower.

Is it just me, or does Donald Trump look like he’s thickened or darkened his eyebrows here? He looks like Dracula, but without the sex appeal.

Nancy Pelosi said that Trump is a “master of distraction.” As the Epstein matter heats up, watch for Trump to pull the same stunt. It’s all about bread and circus and saving his own ass. We don’t know what Epstein has on Trump, but it can’t be flattering, so playing the racist card to distraction is Trump’s best bet. Expect the national discourse to plummet even farther — yes, I wonder too how that’s possible. But just wait and see.

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Lucifer alredy has a grip on Epstein
He’s patiently waiting for Trump to join them.


If he wanted a distraction the eyebrows did it.