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Excuse me, Mr President? Take a bow dumbass, nice going. The images coming out from Jerusalem and other towns and cities on the west bank are deeply disturbing. They are also completely unnecessary. I wrote in another article on the day Trump made his big Jerusalem announcement that this would happen, and this is one time that I hate having been right. I also wrote that when the casualty count started to rise, Trump would own that too. But for once, His Lowness doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to accept the credit for the fruits of his labor. Unlike his failed casinos, there is no bankruptcy court to give him absolution for his sins this time. And unlike his casinos, this time people aren’t just out of money and jobs, this time they’re bleeding, and injured, and in some cases out of like.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ask Trump why he did this. He has no fucking clue. What does Trump know about Israel? Let’s see, Bibi Netanyahu said nice things about him. And oh yeah, white evangelicals love Israel, and they’re a pretty decent chunk of his mental retread base. The Palestinians? Re ind me again, how many of them voted for Trump in 2016? Because that’s exactly the question he’d ask you if you brought it up.

Why did he do this? As near as I can figure, his shit for brains son in law jetted over to Saudi Arabia, checked the idea out with another lazy, spoiled, ignorant 30 something prince, except in this case a real one, ran it past him, and then came back to the Oval Office, standing there like an Iowa scarecrow in better duds, and told Trump to do it. Trump’s response? “Duhhh, OK Jared, if you’re sure.” To which Kushner replied, “Absoluetly daddy dearest, everybody will love it!?

Except it didn’t quite work out that way. The actual ruler of Saudi Arabia hates it, Jordan hates it, Iran hates it, Egypt hates it, our European allies hate it, hell, I think the Maori tribesmen would hate it if anybody asked them. But so far as I know, nobody has yet. And it’s too late to do anything about it now. That’s the funny thing about fucking something up in foreign affairs, it has a longer shelf life than a Twinkie.

This has gone too far. It was one thing when Trump became a clear and present danger to every person in the United States, with his arrogant stupidity and brainless policies. We have nobody but ourselves to blame, a relative handful of Facebook junkies and Twitterholics in a few key states put him in the White House. But it’s another thing altogether, and completely unacceptable for him to become a clear and present danger to planet Earth, and that’s just what he is.

Right now there are 20+ million people who live within 40 miles of North Korea artillery battalions, including 70,000 US service members on active duty and hundreds of thousands of US citizens living and working in South Korea. And let’s not forget millions more in and near Tokyo that are in range of conventional missiles and rockets. And Trump wants to engage in a schoolyard game of “You’re ugly and stupid”, “Well, you’re old and senile” with a guy who’s as crazy as he is, and won’t hesitate to give the order either is he gets pissed off enough.

Mark my words, it isn’t just Palestinians who are going to die and be injured, it’s going to happen to Israeli’s too. Israel has already had problems with angry Palestinians killing Jewish settlers in disputed areas of the West Bank, and burning their homes to the ground. They’ve also had problems with Palestinian lone wolfs  running Israeli’s over with cars, and taking machetes and knives to them. Hamas has been known to lob rockets into Israel, and after Israel just bombed two buildings in Gaza that they claimed were arms factories, it wouldn’t surprise me if the kid gloves came off. Bibi Netanyahu may be thrilled at this cheap victory, but I wonder how the grieving families of his citizens who lose loved ones are going to feel about it.

And that’s just the start. Earlier this year Trump actually threatened military action in Venezuela if US “interests” were threatened in that country’s civil unrest. Exactly what critical US “interests” we have in Venezuela is anybody’s guess, but it made Trump feel all powerful and shit at the time.

Unfortunately, unless Robert Mueller comes up with a canceled check from Trump made out to “fancy bear” in Moscow, with the memo “for hacking services rendered” on it, we’re stuck with this national ightmare for the foreseeable future. But if somebody in Washington doesn’t come up with a way to put a “Pulp Fiction” style ball gag in this clowns mojth, he’s gonna get us all killed.

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