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From The Daily Beast:

Special counsel Robert Mueller increasingly views President Donald Trump’s trip back from the G-20 summit in Europe this July as a critical moment in his investigation. And as part of an attempt to uncover just what happened on that fateful flight, his team is expected to question several White House officials. Among them will be the president’s close adviser Hope Hicks.

People familiar with the probe tell The Daily Beast that Hicks—the longtime Trump aide who is currently interim White House communications director—likely has information that will interest Mueller regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s initial claim that his meeting with the Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was just about adoption.


This makes sense, because Hope Hicks was the person to whom Trump dictated that wildly misleading statement about Don Jr.’s infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives. From New York Magazine:

Air Force One took off from Germany shortly after 6 p.m. — about noon in Washington. In a forward cabin, Trump was busy working on his son’s statement, according to people with knowledge of events. The president dictated the statement to Hicks, who served as a go-between with Trump Jr., who was not on the plane, sharing edits between the two men, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

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It seems Mueller is zeroing in on the obstruction at 35,000 feet. And who could blame him — it looks like a slam dunk. Hicks and the five others named by Mueller all appear to have been aboard Air Force One that day, and thus at least witness to, if not complicit in this blatant crime. 

The Trump Whitehouse is so terrified, they quickly put out word that they are organizing a legal defense fund for all White House staffers. Seriously. LoL

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