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While this pathetic excuse for a so-called President embarrasses himself in Puerto Rico, he denies a request that would actually help many In Puerto Rico right away.

Donald Trump could temporarily wave this rule, and immediately help up to 40% of the population in Puerto Rico that depends on the food stamp program. They could use their funds for prepared meals at restaurants, which are normally not covered under the program.

Common f**king sense says do it right now. This would help immediately.

Trump is an incompetent stain on our nation.…

Mr. Rosselló also said the federal government had denied a request to allow hurricane victims in Puerto Rico who use food stamps to redeem them at fast-food restaurants and other places that serve prepared hot meals.

He said he was pursuing the issue with federal officials and was hoping the waiver would come soon.

With a widespread power failure having knocked out electricity to the island for the past two weeks, food stamp recipients around the island have said that they have been unable to use their benefits at supermarkets, because most stores are running on generators and do not have access to computer systems to process the cards. About 1.3 million Puerto Ricans — nearly 40 percent of the population — use food stamps. Federal rules prohibit public assistance beneficiaries from using the cards in restaurants.

Great catch here by kossack, wasplover.

According to Newsweek, Trump granted this food stamp waiver to Texas and Florida.

So why not Puerto Rico?…

Although the federal government denied the request to allow food stamps to be used for hot or pre-prepared meals, Rosselló said he was still hoping Trump’s administration would issue a waiver for the stamps—just as it did in Texas and Florida after the states were hit by hurricanes.

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