Nothing like living in a world where everything is political theater and takes precedence over science, safety, and just plain sanity. Donald Trump demands that FDA head Stephen Hahn either approve the Pfizer vaccine by the end of the day, or leave his job — as if applying political pressure in order to gain scientific approval is going to do anything other than erode confidence in the finished product.

Washington Post:

The warning, combined with the tweets, constituted the latest attack by Trump, who has complained vociferously that the vaccine wasn’t authorized before Election Day, blaming it on the ‘Deep State’ inside the agency that he accused of working against his reelection. Trump was also said to be upset that Britain cleared the vaccine before the United States, although the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been developed and reviewed in record time.

With the timetable apparently accelerated from Saturday morning, the FDA and Pfizer were rushing to complete the paperwork needed for the authorization, according to another individual who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he didn’t have authority to discuss the plans

An FDA statement issued early Friday morning said the FDA had informed Pfizer that it would “rapidly work toward finalization and issuance of an emergency use authorization” following Thursday’s endorsement of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by an agency advisory committee.

As in all things Trumpian, there is always sublime irony. Here, it’s that so many of the MAGAts are anti-vaxxers to begin with, and are hailing the vaccine as the first step in the takeover of the anti-Christ, with nano bots being injected into the bloodstream, forming the mark of the beast — oh, you need to pour a drink and read this stuff, it’s choice. And of course rushing the vaccine through to completion is only going to allay all these fears, right? Not to mention that it doesn’t strike the right chord with people who actually believe in the likes of the FDA and Dr. Fauci and have some trust that proper protocols will actually yield a good result. But we’re dealing with Trump, so lose/lose is the order of the day.

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  1. To bad,really. The Supreme Court just tossed your last case with Texas. You are the one that needs to resign, you peckerhead! Get over it! You are yesterday’s news. Ahole!


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