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If Donald Trump can’t get a GOP governor reelected in Kentucky, how does he think he’s going to get a cloddish slug of a dancer through to the next round on Dancing With the Stars?

In the latest demonstration of Trump’s merde-ass touch, his former press secretary Sean Spicer went down in flames on Dancing With the Stars last night after Trump wholeheartedly endorsed him.

First the original (now-deleted) tweet:


Because Trump didn’t want to be associated with a loser (apart from himself and every member of his immediate family, with the possible exception of Barron), Trump deleted the tweet right around the time Spicer was voted off the show and replaced it with this anodyne dipshittery:

I mean, you really shouldn’t take Spicer’s defeat personally, Li’l Donny. I’ve seen him dance before. He looks like a frog trying to escape from a bucket. No one would even think twice about it if you weren’t such a weirdo about protecting your reputation as an influencer.

Then again, Republican governors and members of Congress are dropping like flies lately, and you appear to be the bug zapper at the center of it all.

Hey, maybe Sean Spicer’s loss is just another grim harbinger of what’s to come in 2020.

Let’s hope so, anyway.

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  1. If it wasn’t for the kool-ade drinking knuckle dragging mouth breathers he would have been tossed out the first week, I mean those inflatable things at car dealerships move better than him

  2. The only ABC show I watch is DWTS because I’m still mad that they canceled All My Children. I haven’t watched this season in protest of Spicer the taxpaid liar’s presence on the show. The impostor president’s cult morons have kept him on despite being a dreadful dancer (I’ve heard from my BFF). Now that he is gone I will probably watch last few shows. Terrible that this clodhopper was kept on while truly deserving contestants were sent home because of trump’s tweets. Jerk.


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