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Donald Trump’s need to dominate is now directed at social media platforms and the resulting change in laws could be chilling for the platforms legally, and threatening to the rest of us as consumers. Our privacy could be compromised and we could end up on government watch-lists. Here’s how it shakes down.

This is Trump in meltdown mode. This is what has occasioned the Executive Order that Kayleigh McEnany told CNN Wednesday that Trump would soon be signing, in reaction — retaliation is the applicable word here — for Twitter daring to put a fact-check label on two of Trump’s false information tweets regarding mail-in voting. Trump’s bound and determined to show social media and the rest of us, that he is the big shot and he tells them, they don’t tell him, so there. It is as basic and infantile as that, but the ramifications are immense. Washington Post:

President Trump is preparing to sign an executive order Thursday that could roll back the immunity that tech giants have for the content on their sites, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Trump’s directive chiefly seeks to embolden federal regulators to rethink a portion of law known as Section 230, according to the two people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a document that could still evolve and has not been officially signed by the president. That law spares tech companies from being held liable for the comments, videos and other content posted by users on their platforms.

The law is controversial. It allows tech companies the freedom to police their platforms for abuse without fear of lawsuits. But critics say those exceptions have also allowed some of Silicon Valley’s most profitable companies to skirt responsibility for the harmful content that flourishes on their online platforms, including hate speech, terrorist propaganda and election-related falsehoods. [,,,]

The order would also seek to channel complaints about political bias to the Federal Trade Commission, which would be encouraged to probe whether tech companies’ content-moderation policies are in keeping with their pledges of neutrality. It would also require federal agencies to review their spending on social media advertising, according to the people familiar with the White House’s thinking.

This would make the owners of platforms legally liable for the content posted on their sites. Social media platforms would transform from platforms into publishers, and that’s a different kettle of fish entirely.

Now here’s the irony: If this was implemented, Twitter would be compelled to take down the tweets that Trump is bludgeoning Joe Scarborough with these days, accusing him of murdering his former aide, because that level of baseless slander could become actionable.

Meanwhile, Trump is glowing, just like the school yard bully. He’s really gonna show Twitter, yes Sir.

This is what interests Trump right now. The fact that there are now officially 100,000 dead from COVID-19 and that number will grow, is not on his mind in the least. He doesn’t care about it. This is what he cares about, his war with Jack Dorsey and Twitter. And here’s where Bill Barr comes in. New Civil Rights Movement:

A draft of President Donald Trump’s social media executive order shows it would create disturbing structures that could allow the President of the United States to personally target social media companies he feels are taking action against his supporters, enable his supporters to report that action directly to the White House, and empower the Attorney General of the United States to collect publicly available “watch-lists” of social media users that monitor not only their online activities but their offline activities as well.

This is the big story right now, Trump v. Twitter, which considering we may have Americans living in tent cities soon and unable to eat or get health care, is profoundly pathetic.


  1. When is this clown going to start realizing that America has already declared war on him and his hole-in-wall gang. He really don’t want a war, his bone spurs won’t save his fat rear.


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