Trump Declares There Wasn’t A Single Impeachment Vote Cast Against Him In House or Senate


This is one of those mornings, where if your head doesn’t explode from reading Donald Trump’s latest fantasy spin on what actually took place during the impeachment inquiry and senate trial, probably you’ll be good to go for the rest of the year. In defiance of all logic and mountains of documentation proving otherwise, here is what Trump said to his disciples in New Hampshire last night about impeachment votes.

This is Trumpian math. You simply total up the votes you got in your favor, and eliminate the votes which were against you — those votes against you equal “nothing.” This is terrific. Sports fans, your team need never lose again. Just follow this formula. If your team gets six points and the other team gets twenty, no problem, the score is six to nothing and you win — always. Ain’t it grand? Life is just one landslide victory after another with this equation.

It went on all night like this. If you want to follow Daniel Dale’s live fact checking thread, it’s all here. I especially liked this sequence.

I’ve always thought that the Scalise story, which Trump has in fact told a lot, is one that he should bury, because if anything he has ever said shows how jaded and transactional a life he leads, it’s variations on this theme that “many wives” meaning “my wife” wouldn’t care if I got shot — and I know it. That really is something best left unsaid.


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Der gropenfurer’s math has got to be worst in the history of mankind. After all he did bankrupt at least three casinos, how in the hell can you be that stupid. Oh my bad it’s tRump