MSNBC / YouTube President Donald Trump Hit With Criticism...
MSNBC / YouTube

This is textbook dictator stuff.

Ironic that Trump just got done dealing with a man in Kim Jung Un who doesn’t allow any non-state sanctioned media in his country. Trump just declared the media that he doesn’t sanction to be the country’s “greatest enemy.”

What does a president promise to protect? He promises to protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. What happens when the president determines it is his duty to protect the country from this enemy, despite the First Amendment freedom of the press?

Another weird aspect of this is that Trump did get some credit on both NBC and CNN, but because they asked questions that went unasked on Fox (I am not sure if Trump just didn’t have time to watch ABC or CBS, or just no one watches them anymore). Trump doesn’t like questions.

Or he could just be upset that my girlfriend Nicole Wallace rightly brought the hammer down on him yesterday for the mistakes made:

“I can’t! Stop, come out,” Wallace said to the control room. She was so stunned by the video — especially by the phrase “exploding the cannons” — that she had them play it again.

“So when they’re testing their ICBMs, I’m thinking: ‘What a spot! It could be like Boca!” she said. “What is that? What is wrong with him?”

Regardless, this is serious stuff. And i can’t help but think that this cannot be totally divorced from the fact that Trump just likely learned that Michael Cohen is about to turn on him in his NYC federal case. Trump is amping up his war on fact, and the very idea that there is a “truth” out there that can be known.

It’s in the Dictating for Dummies handbook.


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  1. The international friends that ‘praise’ him are dictators. If that does not speak volumes I don’t know what does.
    I should not say ‘praise’… for Putin it is probably more like ‘snicker’.

  2. This country greatest enemy is Donald Trump. ISIS could do as much damage as this clown in the White House. If you truly love America, forget about making it great by saving it first, from Trump and his cult followers.

  3. The fake president is the country’s greatest enemy. He admires dictators that suppress the media & murder political dissenters. He’s turned his back on our friends & neighbors & crapped on them. The deficit & debt are exploding as expected, with the tax scam. He’s repealed those pesky regulations that kept the banks from robbing us after they crashed the economy in 2008. He’s further weakened the ACA to destabilize the market & cost more for premiums next year. We’re not worried about terrorists. We are worried about the traitor president.

  4. Why, for the love of this nation, is not ONE frikkin high-level GOP member with a set of balls (that includes women!) stepping up today to declare Trump’s words completely averse to the Constitution he swore to uphold? The Constitution pretty much demands that the press stay free — that includes FOX NEWS, CNN, NBC, etc, etc, etc. Trump continues to declare any and all news outlets that are NOT FOX NEWS to be “Fake”. This is so scary, so dangerous. We have GOT to hear from members of the GOP on this. What is this orange nightmare capable of next as Mueller and Cohen move us closer to what happened? What’s he gonna do to distract us? How is he going to act out, considering his evident sociopathic narcissism?

    • Do you really think we will “hear from the GOP” ? The GOP is Trump, they just sit on their sorry grifting ass’s and say and do nothing and because they are all afraid of the “bully” and are just trying to cover their own ass until this shit pile called Trump is gone, and they might lose some of their own under the table “perks”


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