Trump Cuts COVID-19 Funding As Cases Skyrocket Across Nation


Donald Trump will end funding and support for 13 local testing sites across a five state region on June 30. Texas, in particular, is up the creek and that might not be such a great idea in an election year. Talking Points Memo:

Local officials and public health experts expressed a mixture of frustration, resignation, and horror at the decision to let federal support lapse.

Texas will be particularly hard hit by the decision. The federal government gives much-needed testing kits and laboratory access to seven testing sites around Texas. But in the state, which is seeing new peaks in cases, people still face long lines for testing that continues to fail to meet overwhelming demand.

In Dallas County, Texas, the federal government will end support on June 30 for two testing sites it has been been supporting since March, Rocky Vaz, the director of emergency management for the city of Dallas, confirmed to TPM.

“Cases are continuing to rise in Dallas County, and we want to continue with the testing,” Vaz said.

The city of Dallas asked the federal government for an extension beyond June 30, but was refused, Vaz said.

Now here’s the bigger picture. The Trump administration tried to pull this in early April, but the outcry was intense enough to give them pause, so they kept federal funding going with a 90 day extension. That ends June 30. Initially there was funding of 41 sites. That got trimmed to 13 in five states, namely seven in Texas, two in Illinois and New Jersey, and one each in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Now these are going bye bye, and the burden of paying for testing falls on the cities and states. This comes as no surprise, because the federal government is kaput under this insane Republican administration.

A FEMA spokesman directed TPM to press releases that the agency had issued about “transitioning” the testing sites from federal to state control.

Save yourself, America, because Donald Trump doesn’t care if you live or die. He made it clear he doesn’t support more testing.

Using Trumpian logic, if we want to stop the over population problem, we just stop testing for pregnancy. Done.

Words fail me at this point to describe the criminality of the Republican party for keeping this man in office. I don’t wish any ill on the good people of Texas, but maybe if it gets out of control down there, they will vote blue in November. A health crisis, a global pandemic, is literally being ignored by the White House, because the incumbent thinks that coronavirus testing is a plot against him.

This is not my imagination, Rush Limbaugh is openly declaring this, “You can’t believe the virus numbers. Limbaugh says that the press is lying about the 2.3 million people infected and the 120,000-plus deaths as part of a mission to “destroy Donald Trump, destroy Trump voters, destroy the Republican Party, re-elect Democrats.”

This is what we’re up against. And it’s only going to get crazier between now and November because a wounded animal is more dangerous and Trump is out of his mind. All he can focus on is keeping the White House.


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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes the orange baboon is limping. He will start doing things that will lead to his unraveling.

Mick owens
Mick owens

Id be more concerned about the American people and your society unraveling , because of the Idiot