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Donald Trump welcomed USA’s Winter Olympians to the White House on Friday.

Along with telling them that he was proud of their accomplishments, Trump (as per his usual) took the credit for some of their success.  “You performed and you made us very proud.  And many of you came home as champions wearing a bronze, silver, or a gold medal. And you had very big crowds. And I have to say, without certain backing, those crowds were not looking good.”

Why, whatever could he mean by certain backing?  It became a bit more blatant when he praised his daughter, Ivanka’s contribution to the US men’s curing team in their gold medal game.  The contribution she made?  It was simply her presence in the crowd.

“It helped, right?” Trump asked curling team member John Shuster.

“Yeah,” replied Shuster.

“Go ahead. Say that. Go ahead,” said Trump.

“Thanks for helping cheering us on,” said Shuster.

Did you just cringe there for John Shuster?  I did.  I could actually hear his jaw clenching.  He’ll probably need to get one of those mouth guards for nights when he can’t sleep and replays that scene over and over in his head.

He also praised the Paralympians…or, wait, did he?

“It was a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could.”  What the hell is that supposed to mean??!

There were so many awkward moments. Felt by everyone but him.

“But all of a sudden, those crowds got very, very big, very powerful, and it became a very, very successful Olympics aside from everything else. They had a lot more people show up than they thought. And you think you know why, right?”

Is there anyone else in the world with a bigger ego than Donald Trump?

I’m sure those Olympians are just thankful that Trump took the time to congratulate them himself on all their his hard work.

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