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After hiding out on Saturday during the March for Our Lives, Trump is back on Twitter Sunday claiming that many lawyers and top law firms want to defend a client that won’t listen to their advice in a case that has some of the best prosecutors in the country working on it and where their client is almost certainly guilty of something.

Here is Trump’s argument:

Let’s examine this, part by part.

First, Trump argues that there are lots of lawyers who would love the fame of representing him in this impossible-to-win case. Ok, I concede that point. I am sure that it wouldn’t be hard to find lawyers who would take on this case to get their name in lights. There are lots of strip mall lawyers with 1-800 numbers whose business would get a great boost if they represented the president of the United States. No doubt.

But if I was in Trump’s position, I think I would like to have the BEST lawyers possible, and I am thinking that the top ones aren’t part of the ambulance chasing guild. But hey, if Trump ends up calling Saul to represent him, you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Let’s move on to the second point. Some lawyers are “conflicted” because it “will take months to get up to speed”.  You will note that Trump takes a jab at the law firms at this point, suggesting that they would slow-roll this ramp-up process so they can run up their fees. Apparently, when you are trying to get the best people to work for you, insulting them is a good tactic, art-of-the-deal and all that. But, I digress.

When taking on a major case, I assume it is normal that there is a lot of work involved in getting up to speed, and that this case would be no different than any other. In fact, since many of the facts are already in the public and if your lawyers don’t live in a media bubble, you could probably hit the ground running on this one. Sorry Donald, this reeks of a let-the-client-down easy excuse for rejecting your business.

Now, this next part is classic Trump denial of the obvious: “I am very happy with my existing team.” You mean the team that has existed in its current form for a few days? The one where you just brought in a new guy, a renowned conspiracy theorist/Fox News lawyer, prompting your lead lawyer to resign. Yep, sounds like a great team.

As always, this is all about Trump’s ego. He is defending his dysfunctional legal team because it makes him look bad when the top lawyers turn him down, and more importantly when that is reported in this media. Hence, the familiar “fake news” attacks.

The good news is that all of this bluster and chaos means that it will become increasingly difficult for Trump to put together a top-notch legal team, one that may be able, through some legal genius, get Trump out of this jam. And having a legal team brilliant enough to get him off the hook, would be “unfair to our great country” since Trump needs to be held accountable for his misdeeds.

So, go ahead and tweet all you want Donald. The 1-800 lawyers are waiting for your call.

This just in. Trump will not be adding diGenova to his team because of “conflicts”. Two thoughts come to mind. One, when did conflicts with anything ever stop Trump. Two, that little stunt cost Trump his lead lawyer. That’s a pretty steep price to pay for nothing in return. Art of the deal, and all that.


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  1. I’m thinking DiGenova came to realize he couldn’t get a security clearance after all and didn’t want anything brought out publicly.

  2. During the pre election campaign, D FOR DUMB trump at a Albuquerque stop, insults our NM governor, S. Martinez, saying she’s doing a lousy job & then boasting that he might be NM next governor. What made that Conceited Pile of Worthlesss, Brainless Crap think we would have him as our governor. Plus, that above tweet about so called “ Crooked Hillary”?, just another pathic smoke screen attempt from CRAZY Donald, that SOUR FACED, SICK MINDED, SEWER SHIT, SON OF A BITCH, That INSANE M-FUCKING WHITE HOUSE MANIC.

  3. Mr. Trump, as an aside: I suggest you take some advice from us Chinese. The Great Wall was built over three dynasties at great loss in resources and lost enforced labour lives. It never worked. Invaders like the Mongols and Tartars went through it, around it and (?) under it. Dr. Ira Lee.


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