Trump Claims Media Coverage Of COVID-19 ‘Should Be An Election Violation’


As the Trump crazy train hurtles down the tracks in the last stretch of the campaign, destination Oblivion, Donald Trump makes it very clear that everything in his administration is just fine: the singular problem in this country is that a free press continues to report facts. But for that, all would be harmony.

If this is what tremendous progress looks like, I don’t want to know about abject failure.

There’s some tremendous progress in Mike Pence’s office, what with his chief of staff and another aide coming down with the virus. And say, how is Kayleigh McEnany doing with her quarantine? Is Bill Stepien feeling more chipper these days? Maybe David Dennison or John Barron could pitch in this next week, since staffing is a little sparse with people calling in sick.

Nothing is more tremendous or more progressive than tremendous progress and we sure love to see how that’s playing out in the White House and in the rest of the country with respect to the coronavirus. Thank you, Donald Trump. The only thing more tremendous than your COVID COVID COVID response is going to be the beating you take at the ballot box.


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3 Comments on "Trump Claims Media Coverage Of COVID-19 ‘Should Be An Election Violation’"

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Marie Tobias
Indeed, we’ve made tremendous progress in solving all our social problems. Its like COVID was made to order. Kill off the Old and the Infirm, then we don’t need no stinking Social Security or Medicare… their all dead. Then kill of the the unwanted minorities, because we know who should be in charge of the nation. Kill them off, except for a handful to clean my Hotels and Golf Courses. Thin the herd. A century ago, a visionary said let’s get rid of the “Useless Eaters”, the folks wastefully sucking up my Oxygen. And he gassed them. The cripples, the… Read more »

The rest of the world is watching this man-child buffoon with utter disbelief. He makes North Korea look like a democracy.

William H. Murphy
William H. Murphy

The first order of business for a democratic government is to protect its people. This administration has FAILED!