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Donald Trump is claiming that he knows nothing about the fact that his numerous golf resorts and Virginia winery have employed undocumented workers, but during a 2013 Trump Tower meeting with a group of Dreamers who were sharing their stories in a tour across the country, he admitted quite the opposite. In fact, he sang his workers’ praises.

“’You know, the truth is I have a lot of illegals working for me in Miami,’ he told them, using the term for undocumented immigrants those in the meeting found offensive,” BuzzFeed News reported in August 2015. Gaby Pacheco, a Dreamer and immigrant rights advocate from Florida, recalled Trump saying that “’You know in Miami, my golf course is tended by all these Hispanics—if it wasn’t for them my lawn wouldn’t be the lawn it is; it’s the best lawn.”

Quite a difference from July 2019 Trump, who, when asked if he’s ever employed undocumented immigrants, said “Well, that I don’t know. Because I don’t run it. But I would say this, probably every club in the United States has that, because it seems to me, from what I understand, a way that people did business.” Note the use of past tense here, when one of his former housekeepers, Sandra Diaz, said she knows of at least half a dozen undocumented workers who are still employed at his winery.

While Diaz has since gained legal status after working for Trump, her coworker Victorina Morales is still undocumented, and described working so closely to Trump that last year she “was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name,” The New York Times reported. “Her husband has confirmed that she would on occasion come home jubilant because the club owner had paid her a compliment, or bestowed on her a $50 or sometimes a $100 tip.”

Back in 2013, Trump reportedly told the excited Dreamers that “You’ve convinced me” on immigration. But this is a man who basically says whatever he thinks the crowd in front of him wants to hear, and now six years later is saying he knows nothing about the workers he praised himself six years before. “Ah. So, in fact, Trump has known about his company’s hiring practices,” tweeted Mario Carrillo of immigrant rights advocacy group America’s Voice. “A bigger hypocrite and liar do[es] not exist than Donald Trump.”

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  1. Trump baby is such a pathological liar. Not a word that comes out of his mouth can you believe. He Twists everything around. He lives in his own little world and does not know what the truth really is. LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

  2. What he knows “zip about “ is how fed up
    Most people are , with his insane attitude
    toward some of the best workers in our
    country … This louse ,is the grandson of an immigrant, who came to America… As in
    the famous song “COMING TO AMERICA”.
    ..My parents came to America on 1912 and I really never truly understood the difficulty
    of picking up , and going to another country .
    ..In 1979 I decided to go to California, I was 42 years old . I had 4 children , and a television
    shop . Like my farther I bought some small
    houses , remolded them to rent out .
    ONLY IN AMERICA , could I have done that .
    Not likely it in another country . Many folks
    (Myself included) didn’t realize the value of
    being ,”BORN IN AMERICA”. I wasn’t smart enough to think about “thanking my mom and dad “for COMING TO AMERICA . They are gone
    now but left a great work ethic, which has
    served me and my brothers and sisters ,
    well . Working is my life .
    My point is , most of our best workers are immigrants or their first generation’s
    , ( because we were the real immigrants) .
    …We need these immigrants desperately to
    keep leading the world in all aspects of life . ..Without immigrants ,we wither and die .
    We simply cannot generate willing workers,
    because ,we think (we must make life better) for our children and by doing so , hurt their
    desire to work hard . They just want to have
    “ fun “. And fun to them is spending all they
    can and taking on debt . Never willing to “save
    for the future”. For them the future is now !!
    We need these refugees to show us the way
    to capital freedom!!!
    This is what Trump is killing ,by insulting and maligning hard working folks , by calling them “racist, rapists, murderer’s , thieves . All the behavior’s that Trump secretly loves , Kim , Putin, and all the so called strong men “he wishes” to be. He’s all the things he’s calling them , and worse. He’s stepped on little people all his life. Born rich , he couldn’t “shine a good mans “shoes.
    …He’s never pounded a nail or painted a wall …He would be the first
    to be thrown out of a life boat , because as the saying goes “ HE’S NOT WORTH A LICK “ !!!

  3. . This man has told so many lies , he’s incapable
    of knowing what the truth really is .
    His whole life has been about deceptive practices, and lying. He’s a career criminal
    well trained in the “art of criminality”.
    .. He believes that a well told lie ,is better than the truth . It’s why his wives don’t respect him .
    Oh no , they don’t want to antagonize him because they know what he’s capable of doing,( and will do ), if feels crossed. But nobody knows what Trump has done along with his associates
    like Roy Cohn, and Jay Goldberg ,Allen Dershowitz, and Jeffery Epstein, Ken Star ,
    Roy Black , Manafort and the Mafia Dons in New York and Jersey , to name a few . All known to be “dangerous people” , by any standard . They’ve done his bidding for years .
    .. They know where the “bodies are hidden”, they’ve kept track because ,”they knew” this day was coming, and they have to (cover their ass) , they can’t get away .
    …They saw the “postman always rings twice”, (or more) . RING ,RING , RING —,DRIP ,DRIP ,DRIP !! —-LIE ,LIE ,LIE !!— Never tell the truth , even in the face of “irrefutable proof”
    , keep on lying !! If you say it enough , it becomes “truth to you” .
    (Trump) , TO ITS BOSOM , he’s sucking out the (long established truths) in America , replacing it with a cruddy EVIL , No matter what he wears or says , remember his evil is so “indelible” it goes to the bone , and can’t be washed off .


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