Trump claims he designed Air Force One’s new paint scheme all by himself

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How did I miss this little soupçon of crazy from yesterday?

So I was reading about the new (completely unnecessary) redesign of Air Force One and yawning along to the beat when this popped out at me:

Last July, Trump announced his intention to revamp the design of the aging fleet. But on Wednesday, during an exclusive interview with ABC News, Trump showed his plan to swap the iconic sky blue-and-white paint job for a patriotic red, white and blue.

“We had different choices, here,” Trump said, pointing to images he said he designed himself. “These are all slightly different.”

1) Are we really supposed to believe Trump redesigned the exterior paint scheme of a 747 all by himself, beyond insisting that it be red, white, and blue?

2) Why is the alleged president of the United States spending his time REDESIGNING AIRPLANE EXTERIORS!? He doesn’t have anything else to do? (Remember when Trump ghostwriter Charles Leerhsen said Trump was a terrible businessman who spent a great deal of his workday picking out fabric swatches? Here was the money quote: “But the main thing about fabric swatches was that they were within his comfort zone — whereas, for example, the management of hotels and airlines clearly wasn’t.” That sounds a lot like this.)

3) What. Thef*ck. Is. This?

Uh …


Is there anything this gauche turd won’t ruin? I can only imagine he’s looking at color swatches for the exterior of the White House as we speak.


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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Who really cares what this mental case does, especially a BS story like this. He’s committing treason and they talk about him designing the paint for a plane that is not his anyway. Have this damn country gone completely crazy. Next they will be telling us how many times he goes to the toilet. PLEASE!

Lance R. Ganassi
Lance R. Ganassi

He’s quite full of it, so I imagine he occupies the toilet for a good part of his day!

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

What the Hell is this costing and what is the FACTUAL BASIS for a new paint scheme? WHY is trump who hopefully is going to be lawfully removed or otherwise as none of us care how-Why is he “designing” anything-he is an ignorant demented old man with a serious mental health disorder..who has the job & responsibility to STOP this bullshit-WE are fed up with this asshole