Trump Claiming Mail-In Ballots Lead to Fraud To Let Himself Off the Hook When He Loses Election

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, nor study psychiatry in Vienna to figure this one out. Donald Trump is tap dancing on how bad and awful mail-in voting is, because when he loses in November, he can claim that he lost because of the Deep State and Democratic fraud — not that he is the most gawd awful piss poor excuse for a president, and a human being, that this nation has ever seen.

The Lt. Governor of Michigan, Garlin Gilcrest, said on MSNBC Sunday, that there are “more people who get killed by deer than commit voter fraud.” Raw Story:

“The truth is more people are killed by deer in a year than have ever been proven to commit voter fraud at a given time,” he explained. Indeed, more people are killed by lightning, vending machines falling on them, falling coconuts and champagne corks than commit voter fraud each year.

“I think that the president wants to set us up so that there can be a conversation about the legitimacy of an election that he is looking to lose,” Gilchrist explained in a previous MSNBC interview.

Ballots cannot be taken out of mailboxes and the signatures forged. The signatures on the ballots are checked against official signatures on file with election offices. But this is the narrative he’s going to push becaus it’s the only one he got in order to save face. The other alternative would be to concede defeat gracefully as others in his position have done. Let’s just take this one step at a time. Let’s get him out of office and then let’s have him walked out of the White House if and when he won’t accept the will of the people.

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A number of democratic countries in the world have optional mail-in voting (in some cases it’s the only method of voting). There will always be some minor discrepancies but not enough to affect tbe outcome of an election. The level of fraud that Drumpf is suggesting is ludicrous. It would have to be on the scale seen in North Korea or some African countries.