It’s a given that Donald Trump is one sorry and sad excuse for a human being, but today’s attempt at relevance on Twitter was so far out there, even by his lack of standards, as to be truly pathetic.

Actually, I like this conspiracy theory, but i don’t think it goes far enough. I infinitely prefer that this is all the work of space aliens, who are jealous of Donald Trump’s superiority and so they’re trying to sabotage his vision for America and/or infiltrate space force, which they deem as a threat to their rule of this quadrant of the galaxy. Gugino just left his robot on the ship and he is using MK ultra mind waves to disable police band communication. I mean, if we’re going to do CT, let’s do CT, shall we?

Here’s what can reasonably be inferred as a back story to this most recent madness of Trump. The sitting president of the United States is bored and unhappy because his polls are down. So he’s watching television, but not his usual fare. No, Fox News has alienated the Child in Chief lately, and so he’s watching One America. Here is the clip that provided fodder for the above tweet. Warning, your head may explode, so you may want to wrap it in a towel or better yet, tin foil.

Does anybody else hear a Russian accent in this narration — or is it just me? Nope, apparently, not, I just found this on Slate:

It literally sounds like it was narrated by a Russian-accented computer program. It’s like Siri went to Moscow and had a stroke. Let’s leave aside the veracity of the report, which, come on, and drill down on the fact that Trump watched this piece of creepy video spam and thought: That’ll play. People are saying, just asking the questions, after all.

To quote our new Russian cyborg overlord: “an old trick.” Yes, indeed, comrade.

This is the level of “reporting” and political discourse that the game show host cum leader of the Western world listens to. This is his speed. This is his depth of insight.

Trump is a one trick pony and that trick is to attack. Twitter is his medium for trolling. But this particular trolling tweet is generating nothing but outrage and Trump’s comments have been classified as “deranged.”

This clip has a good commentary on this latest debacle. Trump has crossed the Rubicon and he’s never getting back to where he was. He’s on his last legs and from here on out it’s going to be nothing but pathetic and impotent flailing. This episode is just one of many more to come, get ready. It’s a long time until November.



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