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What’s my motto? “Once is an accident, twice is a habit, and thrice is a fetish.” And lately, when it comes to verbal Freudian slips, Trump seems to have more fetishes than a Yale study on mating practices.

In the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, Trumpeldork put on his gold plated armor and became Captain America for school kids everywhere. Which was nice, at least he didn’t call for rolling back those pesky child labor laws. But then Trump showed what a miserable politician he is, by taking ownership of the school shooting issue, and getting specific about solutions, which no politician with a room temperature IQ would do. But repeatedly, when he got specific, he showed what his true priorities are.

I honestly don’t remember if Trump mentioned the point when he announced at the school shooting “listening session” that teachers were an abundant source of educated vigilantes to arm to roam school hallways, but immediately afterwards, when speaking publicly, he showed his true colors on the subject. When making his case, he explained explicitly that “arming teachers would be much cheaper than paying for more police officers at school.” Forget qualifications, they’re worth risking as AR-15 targets as long as it doesn’t cost anything.

And he just keeps doing it! The nest day, when discussing the beauty of sending teachers into classrooms with bullet belts crossing their chests, he spoke repeatedly (how else?) of “giving these teachers a little bonus.” Sure, toss ’em a punt or two in return for them making split second decisions on whether or not to slap leather on a student. Beats having to pay cops who might not choose to engage anyway.

He did it again at CPAC yesterday, and again this morning, extolling the virtues of “how much cheaper” it would to turn teachers into judges, juries, and executioners. To be honest, I’m not at all sure that Trump realizes he’s even doing it. But it is mind boggling that a man who is so profligate that he not only bought his own plane, but then fucked up the fuel efficiency by weighing it down with gilt leaf on everything would be so goddamned cheap in protecting our children. Especially when it wouldn’t come out of his pocket anyway!

Look, the very idea of turning untrained school teachers into primary targets for shooters who fear they’re packing heat, along with the equally chilling thought of saddling the teacher with a lifetime of regret and self loathing over the possibility of accidentally shooting a student or fellow teacher, or being shot by an officer who mistook them for a gunman is too fucking stupid to even be on the table. But my question is why isn’t every media outlet out there isn’t screaming bloody murder about the fact that Donald Trump is publicly admitting that hard working teachers are perfectly acceptable sacrificial lambs just as long as it saves the school district a couple of bucks?! Come on, inquiring minds (at least mine) want to know.


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