Trump cannot let it go—his fuming about Dorian and Alabama is a spiral into madness

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Well … deeper madness.

On Thursday, MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes wondered what it would be like if Trump simply did not stop talking about Hurricane Dorian and Alabama, but just kept rambling on. And on. And … on. Then Trump did exactly that, bringing Hayes to the point where he said that the obsession felt “clinical” and pointed out how psychotic it would seem if anyone else behaved this way about what was, at its start, a simple mistake.

Trump behaved in exactly that way. He kept obsessing. Rather than let the story slip away, he kept talking about it, tweeting about it, even forcing a Homeland Security official to march out and give an utterly false statement about it. On Friday, he’s doing it again. Any minute now, we’re sure to hear from the White House physician to talk about how tall, slim, and bone-spurred Trump’s statement really was.

Trump still simply can’t stop. As of midday on Friday, he’s still propped up at the White House fuming about “the lamestream media” and turning this story into part of some grand media conspiracy, even though it started because Trump probably mixed up Alabama with Georgia. Or maybe the Bahamas.

No one cares that Trump said Alabama was threatened by Hurricane Dorian. He could have said North Dakota. Or Alaska. He could have said Eastern Europe wasn’t dominated by the Soviet Union (yes, you have to be old to get that one). He could have said anything—so long as he was simply willing to say, “Oops.”

The story is not about a storm, or a state, or even a Sharpie. It’s certainly not about the news media, because it was the National Weather Service that corrected Trump on his Twitter mistake, not the national news. The story didn’t become a story until it became a story about how Trump was derailed, again, over the most trivial of things. Right now, this story is about 10,000 times bigger than it deserves to be, and every bit of that is Trump’s fault.

Now … just imagine that the mistake Trump made was something to do with where to drop a bomb.

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3 Comments on "Trump cannot let it go—his fuming about Dorian and Alabama is a spiral into madness"

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Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Perfect summary of the pathological mentally ill obsessive behavior of trumper-it’s truly frightening that he is the president-this Country is going down if we dont get rid of him-meantime watch people who survived the hurricane and lost family or the child who was swept away and grasp the seriousness of the situation and all that trump could do to help now instead of playing his childish sickening little games to “win” and “hit back” -compare the heroes in this emergency to this fat ass lying conman


‘Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama, Dorians comin’ after you
Well i heard an orange shitgibbon sing about her,
Well i heard the dotard’s brain is sick
Well i hope donald trump will remember,
A southern man don’t need him around anyhow’ !

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

…He’s actually (acting like ) the mad man ,he’s been hiding for years . This is his true self , that his handlers can no longer control.
…If we allow him to become president again , we may well lose our democracy.
…And that’s no joke . He will be so emboldened
, he’s liable to do anything , including put the Congress in jail . And use the war powers act
to remain president.
…His handlers have gotten him to do many heretofore unthinkable things
, and they will only get worse .