Trump Cannot Distinguish the Critical Difference Between Racial Slur and Bad Language


Trump Tweet this morning:

3h3 hours ago

I know that you know the difference, you wouldn’t be on Politizoom if you weren’t looking for a little bit more subtle and deeper analysis of the “headlines.” This is something you can forward, or mention over the water cooler, or just tuck away in the back of your head. Just realize, I know that my readers already understand.
This tweet demonstrates the insidiousness of Trump’s racism, and it shows how easily it is gulped up as a “double standard” by his “ready-to-be-or-already-racist-base.” There is no double standard demonstrated by the Roseanne firing and Samantha Bee ugly language directed at Ivanka.
Just to review, you all know that Roseanne described an accomplished black woman (no need to bring her name further into the controversy) as a mix between ISIS and a primate. Samantha Bee called out Ivanka as a c***t who needs to confront her father.
The Samantha Bee quote uses the ugliest of language (far worse than the f-word imo) to call out the actions of a specific person, for failing to do a specific thing. It IS ugly language, Trump is right about that. I wish Bee used a different term. Maybe she should be fined by her show.
Roseanne is not “ugly language” toward one person, it is dangerous attitude, predisposition, to every person in an entire race, and religion, based upon nothing more than traits one is born with, but never controlled. It is hate for people who are simply different, based on nothing but being different. It is not personal to Valerie Jarett, it covers every black woman, every Muslim (I don’t think Jarret is even Muslim, couldn’t matter less to Roseanne).
Let’s take the “language” part out to demonstrate what is at work, and why Trump just doesn’t understand racism, and how deeply rooted it is in the fabric of his being. I will make up 2 similar examples:
1. Ivanka is stupid for not confronting her father.
2. Black people are more stupid than whites.
The language is rather clean, the difference in ugliness of the ideas jumps off the page.
This is what Trump will never understand, doesn’t care to understand. He thinks his daughter is “hot” and loves her more than he loves his wife (is that not obvious), nothing wrong with a father coming to the defense of his daughter. There’s everything wrong with Trump, once again, not condemning what Roseanne said (he never has), and once again making it about him, as victim, while also equating it with the most dangerous attitudes toward other people.


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Started out on a roll there, but sort of faded toward the end.


The impostor president is offended by his daughter (tone deaf Barbie) being called a foul name. Wish he was offended by the slaughter of innocent children in classrooms from sea to shining sea.