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What — no super-spreader event celebrating the demise of Donnie Dipstick on Nov 3 ???Has Typhoid Trumpie sudden turned shy about tooting his own horn, for his adoring fans?

Trump changes election night plans, cancels party at Trump International: report

by Celine Castronuovo, TheHill — Oct 30, 2020

President Trump has reportedly called off plans to host an election night event at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a person familiar with the plans told The New York Times.

The source told the Times that Trump will instead likely remain at the White House on Nov. 3.


The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris survey of likely voters found Biden at 54 percent and Trump at 46 percent, with 57 percent of independents supporting the Democratic nominee.

What gives?  Has the spotlight magnet suddenly decided to NOT “make it all about him” ???

More likely, the Reality Show Loser has had his fill of “public humiliation” — what with his bout with COVID, his hospital joy-ride victory tour, his disastrous dipshit debate debacle.

Could it be, even he knows — the worse Reality Show ever — is about to be CANCELLED!

Maybe the Fake President has finally gotten the real news

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It's not his politics because he's not a politician.  It's not his business sense because he's a failure at that too.  It's simple really.  I don't like him because he's a DICK.
This Guy is SOOOO Over.  See Ya!  Buh-Bye!  Scram!
America’s Voters say: “Donald, you’re Fired!”
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  1. I read somewhere, can’t remember the publication, the main reason is that the gop is broke and the cheap a**hole would have to pay for it himself. Can’t bilk the taxpayers for it, just like all the cities he has stiffed for his propaganda rallies.


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