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One thing is certain, Trump sure lubs him some Twitter. Paid mouthpieces like KellyAnne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as well as the Inglorious Basterd himself, extol the virtues of getting his media unfiltered message out to the masses. Trump himself credits Twitter for his victory, by letting him respond to media reports without having to have them air it.

There’s only one small problem with him getting his message out unfiltered. His unfiltered message is so toxic tht it’s making it impossible for him to get anything done. The latest iteration of this is his petty pissing contest with CNN, and the resulting Justice Department lawsuit to stop the AT&T-Time Warner merger.

I am not going to litigate the merits of the lawsuit here, it is moot for the purposes of this discussion. What is relevant are the facts, and here they are. Trump hates CNN in general, and their reporter Jim Acosta in particular. During the campaign he regularly railed against the network, both verbally in speeches, as well as on Twitter. That being said, up until recently, it had been reported that the Justice Department was poised to approve the merger, seeing no anti trust or otherwise pertinent issues. The something changed. It was reported that pressure had come down on the Justice Department from above to block the merger. The Justice Department is insisting that there is no political motive, but nobody is buying that broken down suitcase.

I find it highly likely that this case will be thrown out of court, solely because of Trump. And it wouldn’t be the first time, there is a sizeable history of Trump’s big, fat mouth on Twitter costing him dearly with the judiciary. His “Muslim travel ban” was shot down in the courts based on his own assertions in speeches and Twitter that showed the order to be motivated by discrimination. A court just blocked his retaliation against so called “sanctuary cities” as being racially discriminating. The military judge in the Bo Bergdahl court martial case laid the blame for the lax sentence on Trump, for his public rantings and tweets about the severity of the punishment Bergdahl should receive. The judiciary has already shown over and over again that it will consider Trump’s words and tweets to discern his intent in taking the actions, and as a candidate Trump swore that he would block the merger if elected.

The Justice Department was already behind the 8-ball on this case, not only because it appears that the department was originally ready to approve the merger, but also because by specifically ordering CNN to be divested before the merger could go through stinks of political motivation given Trump’s prior statements and tweets on the subject on the merger in general, and CNN in particular.

When the suit was filed, Trump professed no interest in the ultimate decision, and promised to stay out of it. This lasted a day less than one week. I don’t know exactly what was said on CNN that so infuriated His Lowness, but once again he was unable to contain himself. And once again Twitter was his weapon of choice;

Trump is going to fuck this up, mark my words. Let’s just say that the judge in a hearing on the merits of the case decided to take Trump at his word that he had no vested or personal interest in the outcome, ignoring his previous statements and tweets. That won’t work anymore. AT&T’s lawyers are going to wave this latest tweet in the air, sent out after he had disavowed any interest, and by his direct naming of CNN casting the case in an indelible light of a partisan political reason for the lawsuit.

If this comes out the way I think it’s going to, there will be something to look forward to. If you thought Trump was apoplectic with rage against CNN now, jusrt watch him pop an aneurism if the judge throws the case out and CNN openly mocks him celebrating their great victory over the oppressor of the free press. And the best part is he won’t have anybody but himself to blame…But ya wanna bet that it’s Jeff Sessions that will catch the shit for it?

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