Trump Campaign Struggling For New Slogan, George Conway Helps ‘Em Out


Poor Donald Trump. Keep America Great isn’t going to work too well as a campaign slogan with 13-15% unemployment, 40 million Americans unemployed, over 100,000 dead from COVID-19, and riots in the streets over the very same police brutality that Trump openly encouraged when he ran for office in 2016. This is emphatically not the description of a status quo that you want to preserve.

Trump’s consiglieres met over the weekend to decide what to do, with brutal internal polling and swing state polls which are positively horrific. George Conway decided to help them out, and #TrumpSlogans began immediately trending on Twitter. Great, help Donald Trump find a message that works. Fun for the whole family.

That’s the spirit. If you’re reading this, it means you’re alive and COVID-19 and/or the cops haven’t killed you — yet. So surely you can reason that Donald Trump is responsible for your survival to this point and you can show your gratitude by tweeting him a winning slogan. Right? It’s the least you can do. You wouldn’t want to see Donald lose and then go live in the House of Many Doors, would you? Put that thinking cap on. Yes, the one with the tin foil will do just fine.

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5 Comments on "Trump Campaign Struggling For New Slogan, George Conway Helps ‘Em Out"

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Bunker boy strikes again.

Ashamed to be American
Ashamed to be American

Another possibility for the TRAITOR: Hang Him High!


Previews of coming attractions.

Marie Tobias

“If I steal enough, you have nothing left to lose!!!”
“I’m orange, squeeze me”
“Yes, I’m a douchebag, but you gotta keep your douche someplace!”
“I will never hurt your feelings with an inconvenient truth!”
“Did I mention I’m a douchebag?”
“I’m changing America’s currency to Rubles, it’ll just be easier…”
“I’m a festering sore on the Ass of America, but I’m your Festering Sore.”
“MAGA; Malignant Assholes Grab America (presumably by the p*ssy)”
“The difference between Me and a Tick, is once you die, a tick stops sucking”
“I’m a douchebag, get over it!”
“I didn’t end the world”
“Putin says I’m awesome!”

Nelson C Melendez
Nelson C Melendez