Here we go with the blame game. All the world’s a plot and all the people co-conspirators. And they’re all out to get Donald Trump, who is simply blameless. If his enemies would just do what he wants them to, then all would be well. And if his non enemies would just give him credit for things he never did, same result.

To add insult to injury Pfizer was never funded by Operation Warp Speed, which Trump’s allies have claimed. The money came from the German government.

But that’s okay. Success has many authors, failure only one, and Mike Pence will take credit for anything he can, deserved or not. And he’s not the only one, by a long shot.

Some Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr. and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, questioned the timing of Pfizer’s release of its positive data on Monday, almost a week after the presidential election — with the implication that the information could’ve changed the outcome and tipped the scales toward President Donald Trump, who lost to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Welcome to CT world. We’re going to be steeped in it like tea leaves in hot water for 70 days. Then who knows?


    • Of course he knows. His accusations are all about keeping his idiotic “base” engaged in sending him money to pay off his debts and legal bills… That’s his entire game. Always has been.

      • Totally agree with Gunther. Trump is not a random crazie. Everything he does and says is carefully calculated to work to HIS advantage. Very clever manipulator.


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