Trump calls Obama a ‘grossly incompetent’ president

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The day after our last real president said today’s leaders (i.e., Trump) weren’t even “pretending to be in charge,” Trump responded with this:

TRUMP: “Look, he was an incompetent president, that’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent. Thank you.”

Let’s look at the “grossly incompetent” scoreboard, shall we?


Oh, but that’s not fair, really. We’re a big country. Let’s look at deaths per million population in this big, big world of 195 sovereign countries:


See? Lucky number 13 isn’t so bad! Unless, of course, you’re the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country in the world. Then it kind of looks like tin-plated dog shit. And now that we’ve basically decided we’re tired of this fight and are going to let the coronavirus win, we’re bound to climb the rankings in the near future.

So, yeah, whereas the Obama administration ran a pandemic exercise for the incoming Trump administration and left a literal pandemic playbook that Trump duly ignored, Trump’s real-life pandemic response has been the equivalent of stopping at McDonald’s, licking every single ball in the Playland ball pit, and then driving down the road to hock a man-sized loogie on the Chuck E. Cheese Skee-Ball machine.

Also … whoopsie:


Hmm, steady downward trend on unemployment from the end of Obama’s first year in office to the beginning of Trump’s (hopefully) last year, and then … whaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?! 14.7 percent and climbing?!?!?

So there you have it. Gross incompetence coming from … uh … someone.


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People tend to project onto others what they themselves are… Trump is the incompetent, Obama is highly competent.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Even after Mitch McConnell gathered with his bigots behind closed doors, to make President Obama a one term president, it sill didn’t work. And it pisses Trump and his Trumpkins off that Trump can’t even carry President Obama’s shoes. Trump has already failed and will go down in history as the worse president EVER. And nothing can ever change that.