Trump Calls Melania The ‘New Jackie O’ and ‘It’ In Bonkers Fox Interview


It’s no secret that I detest Melania Trump. I concede that I come across as catty in my takedowns of her and you know what? I really don’t care, either. Initially, I thought she was a tasteless phony and grifter just like her husband, who lied about holding university degrees she doesn’t have, winning beauty contests she didn’t win, and speaking foreign languages she doesn’t speak. But the day she sent her not-so-cryptic and cruel message to the world via writing on a cotton pea coat, was completely the last straw for me. Weirdly enough, the clothing line that made the coat also used to make tee shirts and handbags containing Nazi symbolism. If you didn’t catch that story, read it now.

In it, I cite to an article by New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, called “The King and Queen Of Cruelty,” which is who Donald and Melania Trump are, plain and simple.

Be that as it may, press releases comparing Melania to Jackie Kennedy began coming out right after the election, and Trump dragged that old chestnut out of the fire Friday morning on Fox News.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a sex worker. Not unless you’re claiming to really be the Queen of the Netherlands, or some such fable.

Interesting slip of the tongue, calling Melania “it,” eh? Remember that Twilight Zone episode, where a guy was all alone on a planet and then somebody sent him a woman — and it turned out to be a robot? That would explain Melania’s stiffness and rigidity in photographs. Good to know.


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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

The real Jackie O, had better things than Melania wiped off her shoes. If anything marble-mouth should be deported.