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Melania’s camp is not at all pleased with the way the Trump marriage is depicted in Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire And Fury,” released Friday. Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham has gone on record saying Melania encouraged her husband to run for president, and was sure that he would win. Wolfe’s book takes a view 180 degrees contrary to that. He does not depict the Trumps as close, to say the least. Grisham immediately derided the book, predicting that it would end up in the “fiction bargain section,” not a number one bestseller. Here are some excerpts. Newsweek:

“Often she did not know where he was, or take much notice of that fact. Her husband moved between residences as he would move between rooms. Along with knowing little about his whereabouts, she knew little about his business, and took at best modest interest in it,” Wolff writes.

According to Wolff, Trump would boast to people “proudly and without irony” that Melania—his third spouse—was a “‘trophy wife.’” And though they spent little time together, Wolff claims Trump would jubilantly praise his wife’s appearance to others “often, awkwardly for her.”

The book goes on to claim that Trump was something of an absentee father to his youngest son, Barron, aged 11. Wolff says that much of the first lady’s life before the presidency was “entirely focused on her young son,” however.

In an earlier excerpt from Fire and Fury published by New York magazine Wednesday, Wolff says that Trump did not actually want to be president, nor did the first lady expect him to win. On election night in November 2016, he says, “Melania was in tears—and not of joy.”

The concept that election night was a complete surprise to Melania has been written of before. Vanity Fair:

Tens of millions of Americans watched the election returns with disbelief. It’s likely that Melania, who watched with the family and allies at Trump Tower, was among them. Stylist Phillip Bloch, an acquaintance of Melania’s, who worked with Donald on his pageants, says,“I’ll tell you, that pantsuit didn’t look like she was going to a victory rally. That outfit was like, ‘I’m getting on the plane going to Palm Beach. This is over now. Thank God.’ ”

But it wasn’t over. It was only just beginning for Melania and for the rest of us.

The original plan to handle Wolff’s book was for Steve Bannon to deny that he had said anything to Wolff about Donald Junior being a traitor and to say furthermore what great Americans and patriots both father and son were. “Fire And Fury” was to be hotly contested as fake news. Unfortunately, Donald Trump became furious when he read the excerpt about his son and fired off an angry statement directed at Bannon before Bannon had a chance to make his. Trump may come to regret that move because he’s made it virtually impossible for Bannon to recant at this point and Trump’s reaction to Bannon had the effect of making the book seem substantive, else why was Trump so threatened by it?  Trump’s lawyers firing off cease and desist letters also gave the impression that there was something to hide.Trump did a disservice to himself making those impressions.

Frequently, less is more, a lesson Trump has yet to grasp.

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