You thought you had it rough at Thanksgiving when your crazy uncle would attack your aunt and ruin the party before the end of the night. Now we have the same level of demented soap opera emanating from the White House. Donald Trump decided to *speak* to the people today and so he held forth on a number of topics, first and foremost how the election was “stolen” from him.

The video quality is not good, but who cares? Listening to the man is torture, you might as well have a light show. Pour a glass of wine and listen to four minutes of pure conspiracy theory. Here we have Stacey Abrams “harvesting 850,000 ballots” and “enemy of the people” Brad Raffensperger, (the poor man has already received death threats. This idiocy of Trump’s will only exacerbate that, most likely) and the part where he counsels “incredible people” David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler on the “fraud” they face is interesting. He must be very worried about them losing, if he’s doing all this fanfare.

“You have a system where the flick of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history.” Nothing like undermining faith in a free and fair election. Russia is eating this up with a spoon, make no mistake.

And of course Trump has no explanation for the fact that if Democrats are controlling the horizontal and we control the vertical, why in the name of democracy would we not have bopped out the likes of McConnell, Graham, all of them? No answer for that one, and I don’t expect that there ever will be.


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  1. And yet he continues to lie and no one calls him on it. They just let him keep talking. I would love for someone to just get up and say, “I’m tired of your lies. Why can’t you just tell the truth “.

  2. Excellent point: Why not Graham, McConnell too? Why so narrow a victory in GA? Why not ensure Hilary Clinton’s win in 2016? Why, why? All of this is an invention of Trump et. al, that’s why!


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