The domestic terrorist who occupied the White House has his XXXX-large panties in a wad over House Democrats releasing DOJ notes detailing his demanding DOJ announce the 2020 election as “corrupt”. 

It takes big cojones and/or deranged mind to openly state that House Democrats were “corrupt” for letting the American People know that the domestic terrorist committed crimes especially when on a daily basis new evidence is uncovered on the corruption that permeated his family, the White House, the Office of President and now 12 of the presidents men with surely more to come. 

Let him run in 2024. He’ll take his own self down the garbage disposal along with the major (corrupt) wing of the Republican party.

His henchmen spent $5.9M on the fraudit in only to come up empty. Attempts in MI, GA were repelled, PA will be next. 

His overt corruption will take him out along with his entire family. May not happen tomorrow or by the end of year, but it is building. Legal experts say NY AG is preparing a state RICO case. The domestic terrorist that occupied the White House will rehash old grievances and yell “political witch hunt” but fewer and fewer people are listening.…

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