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Late into Wednesday evening, Donald Trump conceded to Nancy Pelosi’s demands to postpone the State of the Union Address. After a sideways debate, the new Democratic House Speaker disinvited Trump to speak to the nation from the House chamber until the government reopened and federal workers were paid. As recently as Wednesday afternoon, Trump stated in a letter to Pelosi that he would not reschedule his speech and would see her on January 29th. That has now changed. Here is Trump’s statement basically admitting defeat to a Democratic leader.

In his second tweet, Trump states there will be no alternative venue for the State of the Union Address, which he implied would happen this past week if Pelosi refused his use of the House chamber. Trump now says he wants to comply with American and tradition.

Trump’s record for complying with this nation’s traditions and conventions is almost non-existent. He has run his presidency like a spoiled toddler, a wild teenager and a dangerous wannabe dictator. The often-called “illegitimate president” is known to make his decisions on a whim, or based on how much he stands to gain financially, politically and/or egotistically.

Could it be Trump is afraid that if he gives his State of the Union Address during his self-proclaimed 34-day government shutdown, it might sink his ratings even lower? Or is he finally starting to realize he is causing 800,000 federal employees devastating financial and emotional burdens, as well as causing the majority of the American people considerable economic hardships and danger?

Minutes after Trump tweeted, Nancy Pelosi responded on Wednesday evening by further urging him to support opening the government through legislation that will be introduced on Thursday.

Trump may also be realizing that this is not a good time to stand in front of his own supporters, some of whom are now turning against him after feeling the brunt of his shutdown. Many can see he is using the shutdown to hold the nation hostage, at their expense, in order to get $5.1 billion for his border “Wall.” This is after Trump told his supporters and the world, over and over, that Mexico would pay for the wall. But now Trump wants his base and the American taxpayers to foot the bill—a cost that could easily rise to a reported $70 billion.

Trump will most likely never see his racist and divisive wall—and neither will his fans. What Trump supporters will see is a more experienced, savvy, powerful, intelligent and “for the people” lawmaker who will put their hateful leader to bed. With the House majority, Democrats in Congress and the majority of the American people supporting her, Nancy Pelosi will help destroy Trump and his self-serving dreams.

After two years of thinking they owned the world, the Trump Administration, Republicans and Trump supporters are finally getting a taste of real Democratic power, and Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues are only just beginning.

Trump’s had a good run. That run is over.

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