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In 2013 Donald Trump said of Felix Sater in a deposition, “If he was sitting in the room right now I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.” Trump could certainly ask his former bodyguard, and former FBI agent Gary Uher, to tell him because Uher is yet another member of the Trump Organization, besides Michael Cohen, who is very much aware of Felix Sater, his criminal connections in Russia, and his connection to Trump. If your recollection needs refreshing, in one email in 2016 to Cohen, Sater said, “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it.” The FBI sent Uher to Russia in the late 1990s to arrange the extradition of Felix Sater. McClatchy:

Before he became Trump’s bodyguard, Gary Uher was an FBI agent involved in a complex deal to bring Sater back from Russia in the late 1990s. The resulting plea deal allowed Sater to avoid prison time in a Wall Street probe by serving as a government informant until his sentencing in 2009. During much of the time that he was a secret informant, Sater was a Trump Organization business associate, working on projects in New York, Florida and Arizona.

It’s not clear if Sater and Uher maintained an active relationship. Sater declined comment, and Uher did not respond to multiple requests for a response.

But the new information raises more questions about Trump’s ties to the Russian-born felon, Sater, and those in Sater’s orbit. “This latest revelation adds yet another connection between Trump and Russian criminals,” said Kathleen Clark, a Washington University law professor in St. Louis, who specializes in government ethics and national security law.

Felix Sater knew where the bodies were buried then, and it’s a safe bet he knows the same now;  and Uher has had an interesting path since his time in the FBI chasing Felix Sater:

Uher was a young FBI agent when he helped convince Sater to stay out of U.S. prison by cooperating in an operation that uncovered a $40 million scam by criminally connected Wall Street firms. Numerous members of the New York-area Mafia were eventually sent to prison. […]

Recent court documents obtained by McClatchy show that Uher, after leaving the bureau, was referred to the Trump Organization in 2015 by Bernard Kerik, the former New York police commissioner and onetime nominee to head the federal Department of Homeland Security. Kerik withdrew his nomination and was imprisoned in 2010 after pleading guilty to tax fraud and making false statements in a federal bribery probe.

The odds of it being coincidence that the sitting president of the United States has more people in his “organization” who are connected strongly with Russia then those who are not would be interesting to calculate sometime.

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