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On Friday, Donald Trump called for America to “unify as a nation in peace, love, and in harmony.” Then went on to attack the press, the Democratic Party, and anyone who challenged him as if one of his supporters had not just taken his words as a prescription to mail pipebombs around the country. The very next words from Trump’s mouth were a complaint about the “the media’s constant unfair coverage, deep hostility, and negative attacks” which Trump blamed for the real political divide. And then, after insisting again that all he wanted was “honest coverage” — then as CNN reports Trump went on to lie, attack, and lie so big … or is it bigly … that “lie” seems inadequate.

In his discussion of health care, Trump insisted that Democrats “want to end Medicare.” Which isn’t just a lie, it’s the opposite of the truth. And it was just the first of several, as he followed it up with claims about how the Republicans wanted to protect Americans whose medical coverage was threatened by preconditions, but Democrats did not.

When it came to immigration, Trump took the already inflated lies that had been his standard approach to the subject and inflated them even further.

Trump: The Democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal immigrants into our country and they want to sign up them for free health care, welfare, and they want to sign them up for the right to vote.

Which is a lie, followed by a lie, compounded with a lie, trailed by a lie — all built on top of an assumption. That’s a lie.

And that is “honest coverage” of Trump’s statements. But of course, Trump doesn’t want honest coverage. He wants what he gets from Fox — fawning repetition and a whole crew of anchors who work overtime to generate justification, even if it requires them to bend logic like pretzels.

Trump’s demand for “civility” did not mean that the rally missed it’s signature “lock her up” moment as he talking about “Crooked Hillary.” His claims that he wanted to end divisiveness didn’t mean that he didn’t devote a large share of his discussion to attacking Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Trump-declared leader of the Democratic Party, Maxine Waters. His sole concession to the fact that one of his rally-goers had just tried to carry out the simultaneous assassination of two former presidents was that he didn’t actually say his signature phrase “low IQ” when talking about Congresswoman Waters — but only after he made clear that his rally crowd knew the words, and that he was thinking them.

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  1. Don the Con stop your constant lying about issues. It is sickening to hear you blame everyone else for what is going on in this country now. Look at yourself, you egotistical moron. You are the cause of all the unrest and divisiveness in this country now. You are creating hatred and much more instead of bringing the country together. You need to be ousted out of the oval office since you only bring shame to your presidential position.

    • I’ve read a lot about Hitler and the Nazi’s, Stalin and the USSR, Mussolini and Italy and I know there were those in each one’s inner circle who hated and despised them, some of Hitler’s generals even plotted to kill him more than once, and I’ve always wondered why didn’t any of them just pull out their pistol and shoot the bastard(s)?
      Afraid for themselves? their family? Were they that fanatical that they didn’t know the downward spiral they were going with them?, so they were in effect dead men walking anyway and most did get killed by the dictator(s) regardless so again, why didn’t they just shoot the bastard? power and personal gain above all else.


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