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Ever since Sunday morning, Trump all purpose butt boy and mouthpiece, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, has been getting raked over the coals. In an interview on Sunday morning with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Meadows specifically came right out and admitted that the Trump administration was making absolutely no attempt to control the coronavirus, instead simply standing pat and waiting for therapeutics and a vaccine.

Needless to say, Meadows had stepped in it, not only for his admission, but because that admission had managed to block out the sun that is constantly required by Glorious Bleater.

But nobody is going to take the shine from the Sun King, and so Trump set out to set the record straight. But in setting the record straight, Trump once again let his mouth get ahead of what teeny brain he has, and accidentally let the real story slip.

In a campaign rally today, Trump was, as usual, bitching about the coronavirus, and the never ending coverage of it in the media. Trump petulantly whined, You mark my words. A week from tomorrow, nobody is even going to mention the coronavirus anymore. The media will treat it like it never existed!

What?!? What kind of bullshit is this? Actually, it plays perfectly into Trump’s repetitive complaints about the virus, that the media has been blowing the virus entirely out of proportion in order to try to sink Trump’s chances in the election. But in doing so, Trump made a fatal miscalculation.

Follow the logic here, people. Trump has been complaining publicly, in his super spreader rallies for weeks now that the FAKE NEWS media has been overblowing the actual severity of the virus in order to sink Trump’s reelection chances, right?

So them ask yourselves this question? Why in the world would the fake news media suddenly stop hammering home the severity of the coronavirus starting next Wednesday? The only rational explanation is that Trump loses on Tuesday! If Trump wins next Tuesday night, then the Democrats and the media would naturally only want to continue to hammer home the seriousness of the virus, just to hamstring him going into his second term! The only possible reason for the Democrats and the media to suddenly stop hammering away at the severity of the virus would be if Biden won, and they wanted to start to soften his landing on that particular problem.

Let’s make it clear. Trump has never been particularly intelligent, either as a candidate, or as a President. But as the walls have closed in around him, and he has become more desperate, he has become more and more unhinged. And that led to a stunning moment at a rally today in which he actually admitted that he expects to lose, because the media will begin to transition away from the coronavirus on Wednesday to make Joe Biden’s life easier. Game. Set. Match.

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  1. Yeah, I see your point. That was something that bothered me. The virus ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. And trump knows this. Hell people are dying. And trump knows that a vaccine is going to be a long time coming. This is a new virus and it performs totally different than what they know. They find something that affects the virus ???? it affects the patient as well.


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