Trump Bashes Anonymous Sources, Fox News Contributor Says Trump Used To Be One Of His

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

If one thing is absolute in Trump World, it is the principle that whatever Donald Trump accuses somebody else of he is doing himself. If you want to know exactly what he’s doing, just get a lexicon of his complaints and go down the list. Thursday, he was speaking at a rally in Montana and made one of his usual slurs against the media. RawStory:

“They never use names anymore,” Trump told the Great Falls crowd. “In the old days, they used to use names. ‘Jim Smith said that Donald Trump is a bad guy.’ They don’t do that anymore. They say a source within the administration. They make the sources up they don’t exist in many cases.”

Here’s the return punch from a Fox contributor.


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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

#45’s Fallacies. 🌊 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈 🇨🇦‏ @ABS0929 · 9h9 hours ago

Replying to @stweetleigh @educatormary and 4 others

(I keep tweeting the same thing and it’s like no one is really listening.
Hitler held rallies in the evenings..for a reason.
Hitler made grammatical errors…for a reason.
Hitler was repetitive..for a reason.
Trump has told ppl that he kept writings of Hitler’s, in his nightstand.)

read this and let it sink in for a sec

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

In a parallel universe can we expect to have “the Reichstag fire” ? or “the night of the long knives” ? Or have we already ??? Maybe we’re already in the parallel universe!