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Lyndon Johnson said about J. Edgar Hoover when there was talk of replacing him, “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.” Bannon is now outside the tent and he’ll be pissing somewhere now that Breitbart was denied press credentials today for what looks to be a GOP slugfest in Alabama Sunday. Donald Trump, at the behest of Mitch McConnell, is giving a rally in support of GOP favored candidate Luther Strange, running in a primary for jeff Session’s senate seat, while Sara Palin and Sebastian Gorka support contender Roy Moore. Breitbart has been putting everything into this story. CNN:

Shortly after Bannon told top editors to increase the site’s volume of reporting on the race, Matthew Boyle, Breitbart’s Washington editor, told staff “the only story that matters until next week is Alabama.”

“As of now, everyone is working on the Alabama race,” Boyle wrote in a message obtained by CNN in the company’s internal Slack channel. “If anyone has any questions please let me know.”

If you can stand it, go over to Breitbart and see what CNN characterizes “the overwhelmingly negative coverage” of the race, including the “tsunami of dark money” which is allegedly supporting Strange.  Apparently somebody in the White House decided to pull the plug because a Breitbart editor tweeted this a few hours ago:

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Something is definitely going on between Trump and Bannon because this is the second time in as many days that the White House has shown itself overtly to be at odds with Bannon. Just yesterday Sebasian Gorka told Newsweek that he and Bannon wrote Trump’s UN speech and the White House said that was ”100% false. and Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon played no role in the UN speech.”

Okey doke. I guess we wait for Sunday and see what develops. Breitbart is not going to take this snub lying down. They’re already at war with Trump as some of their headlines prove.

“His McMaster’s voice: Is Trump Afghanistan policy that different from Obama’s?”

“Donald Trump echoes Obama’s ‘Blank Check’ rhetoric in Afghanistan speech”

Trump didn’t turn the war in Afghanistan over to Erik Prince and Blackwater. That didn’t set well, as you can see. The headlines over at Breitbart should be very interesting the next few days.

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