There is dumb, there is dumber and then there is pyrotechnically stupid and this statement by Trump (and Kyle Rittenhouse) attorney L. Lin Wood qualifies as the last one.

Hey, fine by us, Lin. We approve, as a matter of fact. Keep up the good woke, we mean work!

This is simply great. Let’s hope this thread runs all night. By all means, everybody who’s a Republican in Georgia, please, please, sit this one out. Show those two frauds what it is to lose. Oh, puhleeze, let it happen.

Trump is going to do as much damage as possible to government on his way out the door. That much is certain. Let’s see him do some damage to his own party, shall we? This looks like a great beginning.

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  1. That’s right repubs we learned your dirty tricks and rigged the elections in our favor for a change. So make like crooks lawless Loeffler and Perdudu and don’t bother showing up in Jan like they didn’t show up for this Saturday’s steal the vote rally. Cause we stopped it. Lock them up!


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