Trump attacks Beto before El Paso trip – Beto thumps him

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Here we go.  It’s the story of the day, Trump vs. Beto on Twitter.

Homegrown terrorist acts inspired by Trump’s racism and hate have increased every year for the last three years.  #TrumpTerrorism.

Trump held a Klan rally in El Paso and lied about the size of his crowd compared to Beto’s counter rally.  He has called El Paso a very dangerous city despite its low crime rates making it one of the safest cities in the United States.

Trump has called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers.  Trump has used the word invasion to describe normal traffic crossing the border.  Trump has even purchased 2000 Facebook ads using the word invasion.

The whole world is watching now that one of Trump’s soldiers murdered innocent people on his watch, a Trump follower who expressed a will to stop the “invasion” of immigrants.   22 died with dozens more injured.

Yet Trump refuses to tone it down. He won’t denounce white supremacists.  Instead he wants to pour salt in the wounds of his political rivals.

I don’t know about you but I suspect in this moment, Trump gets smaller and Beto gets bigger here.

Trump is down 11 to Beto in Texas in a recent poll.  Texas, with its 38 electoral votes has the power to end Trump’s residency once and for all.

Among registered voters in Texas, the survey found that 49 percent would vote for O’Rourke in next year’s general election while only 38 percent would choose Trump.

This unusual advantage for a Democrat in Texas is owed to O’Rourke’s support in the poll among independents, who break for him by wide margins over Trump.

We are El Paso!

¡We are MUCHOS!


Let this visit be one Trump will never forget.

El Paso should turn their backs on Trump while he is speaking, and sit down in silent protest.  His words are empty.  Defy him.  Resist him.  Disarm him.  Drain him of his power.

This is the way we should treat all hate speech, so let the victims lead the way. Silent defiance is what we needed from the beginning, Democratic politicians, Republican and Democratic voters, and all MEDIA.

The moment to end #TrumpTerrorism is now, El Paso!

Humiliate him in front of the world.

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Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Fully agreed.


Among the many things that tRump is he is also a Bully! That’s why Melania chose her Be Best campaign. She knows all about the #1Bully