trump at the Bush Funeral – More Sulking and Brooding

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trump, as we know, did a lot of sulking and brooding at the G20 summit in Argentina last week.

trump’s boorishness and darkness were on display again at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral today. We understand that Mueller and the new House Democrats are weighing heavily on his tiny shoulders, but how difficult is it to be respectful and dignified for a few hours during a funeral?

Here is trump looking morose and grumpy, refusing to recite the Apostle’s Creed at the Funeral, while Obama, Clinton, and others did with love and respect –

Is he simply being rude or is he deeply disturbed?

A dark fog descended on the front row after trump’s arrival –

trump did manage to shake a few hands, but Hillary had no interest in even looking at him. And Trump did not reach out to her either.

The loneliest person in the room — he knows he is totally out of his league.

On the brighter side, here is George Bush sharing a sweet moment with Michelle Obama –

An emotional eulogy by George Bush –

This was trump on Monday, visiting the Capitol to “salute” Bush. He entered and left without a word or making eye contact with other dignitaries.

Some praise for Trump –

What can we say? We have no expectations from Trump of knowing how to behave during a funeral. But still, it is sad and pathetic.

This may not be an important story, but in this age of trump cultism, we have to use every opportunity we get to expose trump’s hollow and incompetent presidency to the people, including his supporters.

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