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Trump is only now realizing that 20 killed and 26 wounded by one of his Trumpists is bad for Indivdual-1. Look for some pseudo-presser event perhaps in front of the helicopter before he returns from his million dollar golf weekend in New Jersey.


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  1. It appears to me after reading through the things you put in the posting that your only motive is to smear our President. Not report the facts of the terrible event.

  2. Trump the racist. When will everyone learn that he is a delusional moron and needs to be taken out of office before he completely ruins this country. He has done enough damage already, the wanna-be dictator. It is disgusting to have to put up with such an incompetent president who won illegally. Shape up or ship out Don the Con.

  3. When racist remarks are uttered irresponsibly and without considering the consequences of those remarks, this is the result.

    Now he has realized that this looks bad for him or it has been brought to his attention that this looks very bad, he will try to walk it back or distance himself from this tragedy, by the way, good luck with that.

    Somehow I don’t think this will go away as quickly as he might want it to considering, his track record and the things that he continues to say, and as “sure as God made little apples” there will always be some nutcase out there who takes it literally and acts on his words.

    The president must understand that his words have consequences and that there are people out there who will take him literally, so maybe in future, he will think before shooting off his mouth.

    As If!

  4. The one person that needs to be removed from the planet!!, is still in his Sty at the WH. Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him ?

  5. I really don’t care who wrote the. manifesto I want to know where he learned to hate so much including himself and others. What kind of environment did he grow up in? You don’t achieve this much hatred in the short time our racist president been in office. Don’t get me wrong I believe donnie gave him permission to do it especially after his comments the other night about shooting people. As a society we need to get it together. Blacks aren’t the first immigrants to be treated badly. Ask the Irish, the Italians and the Asians.


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