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A recent article warned us that even though Trump’s national approval is dreadful, he still had support in Trump country states, which should be cause for concern because that more closely reflects the electoral college voting. ‘

So it was a bit of a surprise to find this article on state-by-state polling which shows him to be underwater in 11 states he won. That’s a big swing in six months. 

Washington (CNN)More Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s job performance than approve of it across 31 states nationwide — including 11 states that voted for him in November.

The list of states that went Trump’s way but where his approval is now underwater includes some battlegrounds where Trump barely won — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida — and other swing states like Ohio, Iowa, and North Carolina. The list also includes the light-red states of Georgia and Arizona, where Democrats were optimistic in 2016. The two surprises on the list: Indiana and Texas.
North Carolina takes the prize for the worst net job approval rating in a state Trump won: 42% approve and 53% disapprove. 

I think this move barring transgender people from the Military will backfire on him. Lawmakers were asking for a review of the associated medical costs, but he went way beyond with the ban.


His conservative base is getting restive with his mistreatment of Sessions whom they greatly admire and I think the ban was meant to throw them some red meat but as I say it seems to be backfiring. 

Then there is the scuttlebutt that Matt Drudge is getting really impatient with the lack of results from the administration. Drudge is very influential in leading opinions with conservatives. 


All in all this seems like a lot of bad news for Trump and it’s irrespective of anything even to do with Russia. Seems like he is imploding which may explain his starting his campaign for 2020 three years ahead of time.

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