Trump’s approval rating has generally been declining since he has been President, and it just hit a new low of 35% in the Gallup Daily Poll. This latest low occurs the day after he signed an executive order instructing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to roll-back many of the environmental protection policies that were put into place under the Obama administration.

There has been worldwide backlash this loosening of environmental protections, including from Al Gore, who publicly slammed Trump. In addition, news about Trump-Russia investigations by House and now Senate committees continue to swirl around Trump and his administration. All this downward pressure on his approval rating has further cemented Trump’s title as least popular new President ever.

Trump’s Gallup approval rating, which was historically low to begin with, spiked downward after his “unhinged” press conference on February 16, hitting 38% in the Gallup Daily Poll. It recovered somewhat after that, but on Friday, March 19 hit 37% after his lies about Obama wiretapping him were exposed. Just 2 days ago, Trump’s approval rating hit 36%, after the failure of Trumpcare.

By contrast, Obama’s approval rating averaged 47.9%. During his eight years as President it was never lower than 38% (Sep 5, 2014) and reached a peak of 69% (Jan 24, 2009).

This drop in approval rating significant because dropping approval ratings have proven to be a catalyst for Congress to begin impeachment actions.
The impeachment of Nixon didn’t gain traction until his approval ratings tanked. With Trump’s ratings continuing to touch new lows, the possibility of his impeachment is becoming more of a reality daily basis.

Photo credit: Gallup

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