Mark Sumner / Daily Kos (01/09/2021)
Over the last week, there have been many reasons to be enraged, disgusted, and horrified. But this may require a complete rest of the outrage meter.

The Pentagon has release heavily slanted timeline of events surrounding the Trump-incited insurrection on Wednesday. Only they didn’t call it an insurrection. Or an assault. Or an attempted overthrow of the American government by white supremacist forces organized, inspired, and directed by Donald Trump. It’s not a coup. It’s not even a failed revolution.

The Pentagon has renamed Wednesday’s events as “First Amendment Protests.”

The timeline—from the office of the Secretary of Defense—not only paints a violent assault on the nation’s, one in which men in tactical gear roamed through the House and Senate seeking hostages while others smeared human shit on the walls as “protests,” it give the event capital letters. First Amendment Protests. So don’t be surprised this is now the “official” name assigned to thousands of Trump supporters attempting a violent takeover.

What did this feces spreading assault on the nation have to do with the First Amendment? Well, it did deliver a powerful message to the media by destroying equipment, threatening reporters, and making it clear that they were next on the list to be hanged.


But the clear reason that this name is now getting slapped onto the event has nothing to do with the actual motivations of the insurrectionists or the theme of that day. Despite the “March for Trump” banners, the official name of the rally that morning was “Stop the Steal.” The lie that there had been significant election fraud was included in every invitation, every speech, and every statement encouraging the Nazi crowd to get out there and burn that Reichstag.

The sole reason that Pentagon — an absolutely, the Trump White House — is attempting this rename is not just to diminish what happened by calling them “protests,” but an attempt to link them to Trump being banned from Twitter and Facebook after the assault took place.

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  1. These people don’t deserve to live in this country! They are animals. The stain on our country will never be erased. Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnated. I cannot believe what he has done to America and its people.

  2. The foolishness of these politicians, they go along with the lawyers and politicians who are willing to deceive by lies. We need an overhaul of the system or it will not change and continue to fool the public.

  3. Not only his tweeter account needs to be taken from him but his right to use Air Force One to travel away from the White House or out of Washington for any cause he may concoct. He needs to be kept under guard in the White House so he can be watched until after the transition of power takes place on the 20th of January. He has shown himself to be a threat to Democracy and a clear and present danger to citizens who live and work anywhere around him. He has no conscience what so ever so nothing he does or thinks of doing to retaliate for his bruised ego is out of the question for him or those who follow him. His conspiracy theory that the election was stolen is an out and out lie like so much of his rhetoric while he has been in the presidency. His attempt to dissuade loyal upstanding officials doing their job and upholding the constitution to cheat for him to commit fraud by asking them to overturn the election is a disgrace, an atrocity, a total abomination to democracy by Trump. He has always loved himself more than democracy and these vile acts only prove it.


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