Trump appeals ruling that Deutsche Bank should turn over records to Congress

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Congress issued a subpoena to obtain financial records related to Trump loan applications at Deutsche Bank and Capital One after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified that Trump lied on his loan applications. In response, Donald Trump and his adult non-Tiffany children sued to prevent the two banks from releasing the information. On Wednesday, the U.S. District Court in Manhattan dismissed Trump’s suit and told the two banks that they were clear to obey the congressional subpoena. But on Friday, as expected, Trump appealed the court’s decision.

The Washington Post reports that Trump has now responded in this case the same way he responded in the case of Congress’ subpoena of financial records from accounting firm Mazars USA: He appealed the ruling.

In his Wednesday ruling, Judge Edgardo Ramos said the effort by Trump to stop the subpoena had no basis in law and was “not serious.” But it is likely to be July before this is tested in an appeals court—and then, after what seems destined to be another Trump loss, it could be months longer before the next appeal gets a day in front of Justice Beer and friends.

But the rulings this week showed just how ridiculous Trump’s claims about “legislative purpose” actually are, and just how hard it’s going to be for any court to find in his favor.

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Who cares, several banks have already handed their records to the House.. He will lose this one too.