Trump and Pence try to pin their vicious abuse of migrant children on Democrats

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Donald Trump and Mike Pence are trying to blame Democrats for the fact that the Trump administration is keeping migrant children in conditions a doctor compared to “torture facilities.” How does one blame Democrats for Trump administration policies that separate families and hold children for weeks in unsafe and unsanitary conditions? According to Trump and Pence, congressional Democrats should be sending more money to run detention centers.

“The Democrats aren’t even approving giving us money. Where is the money? You know what? The Democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid,” Trump said on Meet the Press.

Pence was on message on Face the Nation, saying of Congress, “They continue to delay efforts on additional humanitarian support.”

So basically, they’re saying that because Congress has not appropriated enough money for the number of people Trump and Pence are holding in detention centers, the lack of soap and adequate food is on Congress.

Here’s a thought, guys: Maybe if Customs and Border Protection wasn’t detaining children for weeks instead of what’s supposed to be a 72-hour limit, the facilities wouldn’t be so overcrowded and kids wouldn’t be being fed nothing more than instant oatmeal for breakfast, instant soup for lunch, and a frozen burrito for dinner.

Here’s another thought: Maybe if CBP wasn’t keeping the temperature at detention centers miserably cold—in Texas in June—some of the money being spent on cooling costs could be transferred to a soap and food budget. But CBP prefers to spend its money harming migrants rather than keeping them fed and clean. The priorities here are crystal-clear.

Here’s a final thought: The notion that budget is the issue is a total lie. This is about hurting migrants, including asylum-seekers and children. It’s about pandering to a racist base. It’s about Donald Trump being a racist and a sadist. They don’t need to hold migrants for the length of time they’re holding them. They don’t need to abuse people fleeing violence and poverty. They’re doing it because they want to.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Is the time right yet, Nancy? Tick Tock.


So, stupid officious arguments from both sides and the media.
Malicious murderous negligent treatment of minors by our govt. and this is what you got?