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By an incredible coincidence, as FBI agents were digging through to Paul Manafort’s home, the former Trump campaign chairman, across the Potomac on the morning of July 26, Donald Trump was up and tweeting.

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After devoting a whole two tweets to rollback of civil rights and altering a major military policy without consulting the military, Trump was ready to start a second thread.

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In the space of 45 minutes, Trump had managed to attack transgender rights, his attorney general, the acting FBI director, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton. It was a force five Twitterstorm that scooped up the national attention and focused it on issues that since then have gone … absolutely nowhere. 

It’s almost as if everything Trump fired off that morning was nothing but smoke.

After Trump’s tweets, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford issued a note to say that military policy would not change until Trump issued further guidance. And while lawsuits are already breaking out in advance of implementation, there’s still no policy change because no “guidance” has emerged. 

When it comes to the second topic that morning, Christopher Wray is now FBI director, but that change didn’t come because McCabe was replaced as acting FBI director. Wray had already sailed through the Senate before Trump issued his tweet. Attacking McCabe on that date made no sense, even for Trump. So little sense that, even if Sessions had hopped out of bed to act on the tweet immediately, it would have meant seating a new acting director for all of three days before Wray took over.

There seems little doubt that Trump will ultimately act on his transgender ban, if only to satisfy the Pence wing of radical hate evangelists, but it was issued that morning with no plan to back it up and in a way that left the military simply confused. The topic of McCabe was never anything more than Trump launching a second “hey, media, look this way!” flare on a morning when he was surely aware of the raid on Manafort’s home.

Now that the information about Manafort has moved into the public, a new phase is underway. Not in the mainstream press, but in the Trump-friend tabloids. The home of adopted alien babies and Trump-at-all-cost National Enquirer has launched a war on Manafort.

The career lobbyist has been rocked by a sleazy sex scandal in which he was caught cheating on his wife — with a hottie younger than his daughters!

The interesting part of the story isn’t the story … it’s where it’s running. The Enquirer has been absolutely dedicated to protecting Trump, and now they’ve determined that the best way to do that is to amputate the connection between Trump and Manafort.

“President Trump has been focused on draining the swamp in Washington D. C.,” a White House insider said. “Meanwhile one of his trusted advisers was bedding another woman behind his wife’s back, betraying her and his country!”

It’s well known that the Trump regime won’t tolerate cheating. No matter how beautiful.

If Donald Trump hadn’t been caught red-handed he likely would have kept on cheating on his first wife, he admitted in a 1994 interview obtained by the Daily News.

“Well it’s interesting, because it’s possible that you know, maybe it would still be going on. I’m not sure” he said in an interview with ABC Primetime Live that aired in 1994 when the interviewer asked him if he would have “confronted that situation” of the affair.

“My life was so great in so many ways. The business was so great … a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything. Life was just a bowl of cherries,” he says later in the interview.

Clearly, Trump and Manafort now have nothing to say to each other … they’ll have to exchange notes.

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