The COVID-19 miracle cure tour that Donald Trump is touting is going into the final stretch — and Trump’s aides worry that he might not make it. But TrumpVita is determined to show everybody that he’s the boss of coronavirus and not vice versa. To that end, Trump will be on the campaign trail every single day. And is he testing negative for the virus, you ask? Who knows? We can’t seem to get a straight answer on that one.

All that is known is that he spoke from the balcony of the White House Saturday and downplayed the virus, as usual. “A lot of flareups, but it’s going to disappear, it is disappearing and vaccines are going to help,” Trump said. This is despite the fact that he himself was diagnosed just ten days earlier and the number of new cases nationwide is spiking higher than it has in several months. This is the so-called “second wave.”

Nevertheless, Trump insisted he would be “starting very, very big with our rallies and with our everything,” so here we go, the superspreader tour on steroids, literally. Axios:

President Trump has asked his campaign to put him on the road every single day from now until Nov. 3.

Behind the scenes: His team is in the process of scheduling events to make that happen, two sources familiar with the discussions tell Axios. But not everyone thinks this is a good idea. One adviser said, “He’s going to kill himself.” […]

What we’re hearing: The campaign is more worried than ever that seniors — a crucial voting bloc — are abandoning Trump over his handling of the pandemic.

  • “He really f—-d up with seniors when he said not to worry about the virus and not to let it control your life,” one Trump adviser told Axios. “There are so many grandparents who’ve gone almost a year without being able to see grandchildren.”

Yes, indeed there are. And quite a few of them are in the Sunshine State, where Trump shot himself in the foot by suggesting that mail-in balloting was prone to fraud. That is now coming back to haunt him, as Democrats overtake Republicans in casting votes in Florida. Reminder: Trump.Cannot.Win.Without.Florida — and I encourage you to play the parlor game, “How does Trump win without Florida?” It’s an interesting exercise, and its downside is that it involves safely blue states reversing course. But go ahead and see if you find a path — and if you do, Team Trump wants to hear from you. Immediately. Because they’re doing a lot of fancy footwork right now, without their usual advantage of being able to gauge the mail-in vote. New York Times:

While many Republicans expected turnout before Election Day to be slightly depressed by the president’s criticism of mail voting, the gap means that Republicans have to flood the polls on Election Day. And a lack of absentee ballots returned could leave the G.O.P. blind as it adjusts its get-out-the-vote operation in the weeks ahead.

“One of the advantages of having absentee ballots or voting by mail is it gives you a little bit of a snapshot as they are returned, and finding out who is returning them and where you are in your field operation,” said Matt Gorman, a Republican strategist. “If Republicans aren’t getting accurate reads on that, they’re not getting accurate reads on where they need to adjust more.”

Alex Conant, a veteran adviser to Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, said the president’s continued belittling and questioning voting by mail had suppressed Republican turnout.

“In Florida, Republicans have a really good early-vote program,” he said. “The president takes advantage of it. So why the president would tell Republicans in Florida not to vote early, when historically that’s how we run elections in Florida, is very concerning.”

Mike Pence is in Florida today and he was trolled by a plane pulling a banner, saying, “Pence is the reason you haven’t seen your grandkids.”

You know what would be doing this one even better? A sky writing plane, tomorrow in Sanford, Florida where Trump is speaking, saying, “Surrender Donald.”



  1. I do not wish for anyone’s death however, if the man is hell-bent on killing himself campaigning, I won’t shed a tear over it if he does.

    • Nor will I. Although I will feel bad for Barron. I don’t think he’s developed the cutthroat instincts of his father or brothers yet. Now would be a good time to leave him entirely to Melania.

  2. I suggested the sky writing plane against trump in 2016. Now it’s headlines against pence. Now I would suggest Biden book every available sky writing plane so that Nazi miller can’t appease his Fuhrer’s unchained vengeance.


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