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White House “adviser” and alt-right ex-Breitbart frother known for wearing the official medal of a Hungarian band of Nazi collaborators Sebastian Gorka has been a busy media bee this week, possibly because Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are no longer around to keep him off the airwaves. He began by denying that there had ever been any incident of terrorism “that was unconnected from ISIS or al Qaeda,” an assertion so obviously ridiculous that it may qualify as evidence of insanity.

After approximately one billion people pointed out that that wasn’t true—that in fact not only were there plenty of (Oklahoma City) examples of (Atlanta Olympics bombing) terrorist attacks not perpetrated by those two groups, and that right-wing American terrorists in fact have been a much deadlier force in this nation in the last decade than Muslim radicals—Gorka then went on to clarify that oh, well, none of that counts so shut up.

It’s this constant, “Oh, it’s the white man. It’s the white supremacists. That’s the problem.” No, it isn’t, Maggie Haberman. Go to Sinjar. Go to the Middle East, and tell me what the real problem is today. Go to Manchester.

Touché. If you go to the Middle East, most of the terrorists will be Middle Eastern. You can see why the man was selected to advise a sitting president. He was still not ready to call it a week, though. His next contribution was to defend Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” threats by comparing it to the Holocaust:

Gorka, explaining those comments in an interview with BBC’s Radio 4, explained why he thought that language was necessary using an anecdote he said was told to him by a Holocaust survivor, who had lost his entire family in concentration camps.

“What is your one take-home? What is your one lesson learnt from the horrors of the millions killed?” Gorka said he asked the man, without naming him. “And he said, ‘It’s very simple. When a group of people repeatedly says they want to kill you, sooner or later you should take them seriously.’ ”

Given his aforementioned wearing-the-medal-of-Nazi-collaborators habit you may be confused as to which side of the Holocaust the “alt-right” Gorka considers himself on, but in any event he would do well to perhaps avoid that particular subject entirely.

At this point new chief of staff John Kelly may be contemplating whether a team of Navy Seals should be dispatched to find Sebastian Gorka and toss him in a large burlap sack for the duration of the Trump presidency. The man is doing the administration no favors. But the alt-right likes him, so if Kelly wants to rein him in he’ll find himself fighting with Bannon, Miller, Conway, Sanders, and much of the remaining not-fired White House crew. Won’t that be fun.

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