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Donald Trump is known for his third-grade level insults. He’s also known for insulting the intelligence of anyone who crosses him. So when former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made it clear that Trump asked him to break the law and ignore treaties, it’s now a surprise that Trump slammed the man he put in what’s widely considered the most important cabinet role. What is surprising is just how spiteful, juvenile, and petty Trump managed to be.

It’s exactly the kind of thing that makes people line up to work for Trump. And it raises the question—if Tillerson is “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell,” why did Trump hire him in the first place?

It was clear that Tillerson was frustrated from the beginning by Trump’s refusal to read anything longer than a Big Mac wrapper and his inability to grasp the simplest elements of international affairs.

Trump’s “couldn’t get rid of him fast enough” also means that not only did Trump hire Tillerson, he kept him on for more than a year. If Trump really wanted Tillerson gone, it sounds like someone really was lazy as hell about making that happen.

Trump was nothing but praise for Tillerson both before his selection …

And after he agreed to leave Exxon to work for Trump …

Though there was a time when Trump told Tillerson to back off …

Yeah, Rex. Talking to North Korea is obviously a waste of time. Who would do that?

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