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On the Sunday talk show circuit, Trump administration officials have been trying to distance themselves from a despicable television ad that began running over the weekend. The ad (seen below) actually accuses Democrats of being complicit in murder. It’s difficult to watch the ad and now hear it coming directly from Trump assistant Stephen Miller’s racist mouth. It is absolutely stunningly inappropriate and downright dangerous. Worse, watch the reaction of Trump’s assistant and Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short on Meet the Press when Chuck Todd asks how this is helping government shutdown negotiations over Trump’s insistence on building an antiquated, inadequate wall. Short has the gall to say the ad was produced by an “outside group.” That outside group? The Donald J. Trump for President campaign. It’s made by Trump to whip up racist feelings amongst his base, apparently trying to pressure Democrats to pay for the wall Trump told us for two straight years that he would force Mexico to fund. In an extraordinary move, the Trump administration claims it has no control over the Trump campaign. 


These people have no shame. And everyone from the Trump administration who was dispatched to the Sunday talk circuit doubled down on the ad.


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