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NPR reports that FEMA will stop shipments of food and water to Puerto Rico on Wednesday.  Though roughly a third of the residents are still without power, FEMA believes that most of the residents will be able to purchase food and water if given financial aid instead of receiving it directly.  Some residents in more rural areas hit hard by the hurricane disagree, pointing out that money is also needed for fuel and access to stores is restricted.  

If you are upset about Republicans’ treatment of disaster recovery in the US territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, you should also know many displaced  Puerto Ricans in important swing states such as Florida are not registered to vote.  If you live in the area, volunteer with your local Democratic party to reach out to let them know they need to register in order to vote and how to do so or, if not, perhaps consider donating to an outreach group such as VotoLatino.

Though the situation has improved, it may still also be helpful to give to a charity working in Puerto Rico if you are able to do so.  They will pick up the slack when FEMA leaves.  

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